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Author Topic: Getting started: Your Music Sales and Success.
Jett Black
Helping Musicians Help Themselves!
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Let's start by getting your music into independent online retail with worldwide distribution to people who order it.

I'm talking, of course, about CD BABY -

Info about getting set up:

Phone number: (ask for John Steup) 503.595.3000 tell JOHN STEUP that Jett Black directed you to CD BABY.

There is a consignment fee. It's affordable. And mentioning that I sent you will get you a $10 discount ONLY by offline payment. If you pay online, you pay the full price.
Which as I recall is just $35 to begin with. one payment for the life of your consignment which is unlimited. Send re-stock when necessary. never pay more. it's just a onetime fee and there's a LOt more built into the service than just stocking and distributing your music.

Too much to begin explaining right now.. but you can learn more about all that CD BABY provides to it's member musicians at as and then again more at

Next, you need to stop into:

This is fairly exhaustive.

Bookmark the main page and come back to it often.

Now, you mentioned that you want to get onto a label so that they can pay for everything.. touring, etc.

Forget that.

that's a common misconception.

When you've sold 10,000 copies of any of your releases, then start thinking about what more a label can do for you that you're not already doing for yourself.

Don't do anything stupid like signing a contract thinking that there's more to it than what is actually written into the contract.

There's no obligation by a music label to support you.

Unless they actually put that in writing, do not expect it. ever.

Look at Metropolis. Look at Invisible / Underground inc.

Don't be fooled by the appearance of the NAME# of the label on the tour.

They label ain't paying for it!

The musicians are paying for it themselves.

How do I know this?

I just do.

I know artists on these labels and from countless interviews and private consultations, I know what the reality is and I know what most musicians expect prior to getting a grip on the real-deal... after great debt and disappointment.

The picture is only as dark as you make it. and it only grows darker with misconceptions and assumptions and false hopes.

LEARN all you can about what is actually happening in the industry as it pertains to your interests.

do not assume anything.

Be meticulous about asking specific questions and insist that the responses that you receive actually address the questions that you ask.

People can snowball you into accepting a response that does not actually answer your questions.

Ignore anything that is said that ignores your question.

And then ask your question again.

Hang out at and

From those pads you will launch to many other helpful resources.

Of course, you can always bounce ideas and inquiries off me as well.

If I can be of service in anyway, I will.

Yes, I can help you to gain music reviews.

No, I do not believe that you are ready to shop for a music label.

Always remember that as much as this is a way of life for you and me and others, this is also a business. Understanding how Business works will help you to prepare your music and build the attractiveness of your music.

Do not shop for a music label until they come looking for you.

A) you don't need a music label.
B) You're not ready for a music label
C) You should not WANT a music label that does not come looking for you first.

Why "C" ?

You need to be in a position to negotiate.

You do NOT want to sign a contract that you have not developed to suit the best interests and needs of your music.

How do you develop such a contract?

By doing it yourself until you have a clear idea as to what you can accomplish on your own more affordably than paying someone else to do it for you.

And that means doing what it takes to do it right yourself rather than handing it over to someone else who will never care as much about your music and your success as you do yourself.

A music label is something you should set up for your own music.

You need to advance your music in ways that only a recognisable business with the powers and privileges afforded to a business can accomplish.

and that entity needs to care about your music so much that it will devote a mohority of its resources to the promotion of your music.

You won't get that by walking up and talking to any music label owner.

It doesn't matter if the owner happens to also be a musician.

They have their own priorities.

You need for your music to be so attractive and successful that a music label owner will agree to just about anything you write up in your contract.

Of course, you won't write it up entirely on your own.

You will take your interests and your proposal to a music / entertainment law attroney first before presenting that contract to any music label rep.

I can recommend affordable music attorneys for such contracts and proposals.

By now, you probably have the idea that there's more to approaching a music label than previously imagined.

Keep that in mind for later review.

Meanwhile, focus on developing a parent company/music label of your own and an LLC to represent your main project. You can set up an LLC for each project. Again, this is something you will want to consult with an actual music attorney about and this sort of consultation is generally free. Rationale behind setting up a business and the diversity of options available is Common knowledge to any attroney. You can even learn this sort of stuff yourself in about half an hour by visiting your local public library. Or, you can spend about 3 minutes on the phone or in email with an attorney.

Just understand that you have about 5 yearfs ahead of you of promoting your music successfully before you really want to start thinking about a music label again. and by then, you may decide against it entirely.

Jett Black - 360.513.9121

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