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Posted by Jett Black (Member # 2) on 01 November 2002, 02:13 PM:
Get your music into CD BABY! the store the set up

mention Jett Black and MAIL IN your set up fee rather than doing it online. mail a check with a $10 discount on the set up fee and address a note to John steup in which you mention that you heard about this through Jett Black. that'll get you the discount on what is already a very low set up cost.

for the price of a dinner date basically, you're set for life.

and CDBABY really is the best customer service center to handle your sales and your new music fans. they set it all up for you to pick up all the contact info and details about the fans that the fans put in when buying your music. you'll have an account page where all that info is stored for your reference and this helps when making mailing lists and determining how people find out about your music. and what it is that draws them into it.

you should also set up the shopping cart on your own website so that you don't lose sales by sending people away. the more conveninent it is to buy now, the more persuasive that compulsion to do it immeidately and await the package in the mail, which with cdbaby mails out the very same day.

happy customers.

chat with John or anyone at cdbaby. Most everyone there is an indie musician just getting paid to help out other indie musicians. they sell only indie music of all genres, styles, moods, from every region on the planet. 503 595 3000

Marketing Your Music

could it be any easier?

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