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Posted by Jett Black (Member # 2) on 14 April 2004, 06:14 PM:
I'm now installed at Sabala's Mt Tabor... a Portland, Oregon music and films venue that is *new* in that it's changing formats to include a bigger, louder, and more in-your-face ROCK MUSIC sound system catering to more ROCK styles and fewer music styles of any potential interest to bare foot hippies.

News, schedules, booking & contact info:

Plus there's the indie films theatre being upgraded now with DHX and shit like that. Jason Sabala is deep into the indie films production stuff with Crippled Angel Films. He plans on unleashing some cool classics, and a train load of indie film debut runs.

Known now as Sabala's Mt Tabor where the venue features both a rock music club and FULL bar, plus across the hallway it features an 80-seater indie films showroom.

This venue will release some killer indie film events and plus loads of loud rock, bar rock, goth rock, industrial rock, punk rock, and loads of other ROCK music events. electro artists will find the sound system and engineering staff most accommodating. This is a real HQ sund system!

Music Events promotors need not respond to this announcement!

However, innovative indie rock bands of every LOUD description and fanbase are welcome to check out the website and make contact.

the Hippie Exorcism begins April 29th

Deadbolt, Black Dhalia & the Dwarves, plus more...

Others from The Punk Group to PRONG follow in the days and weeks after the grand re-opening date.

See website for details, etc.


Jett Black - 360.513.9121




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