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Author Topic: Portland, OR - CD & record Stores
Jett Black
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Portland, OR - CD & record Stores

CD Baby -
The best independent music

Crossroads Music -
Cool indie record store.

Everyday Music -
Fantastic selection of new and used CD's, cassettes and vinyl, great place for trading.

Locals Only Online -
The hands down, best source for Portland music. That's all they do is sell local Northwest artists CDs, cassettes etc. This site is AWESOME. Real Audio and Quicktime samples for the locals only top 24.

Ozone Records -
One of Portland's best stores for CDs, cassettes, vinyl, shirts, manic panic hair products, piercing accessoriess and more! Many hard to find and rare imports etc.

Sonic Recollections -
Over 30,000 Vinyl titles online!! Your source for old, collectable redords. Great store, with an extremely informed staff.

Music Millennium -
Rock, blues, folk, jazz, country, world music, imports and independents.

Django Records -
Specializes in hard to find used vinyl, and new and used compact discs, records and cassettes. Buys, sells and trades in video tapes, laser discs and DVD's as well as offering posters, and more.



cd/record stores - PDX Top 5 - per

Reverb Records
A great place to dig up an obscure treasure.

3623 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214-5143
Phone: (503) 736-9110

Store Profile

The Scene
The delicious fragrance of old cardboard record covers floods your sinuses as you walk in.'s back to the '70s. And if vinyl isn't your bag, the racks of well-known and virtually unknown CDs along the walls will keep you busy browsing. A strong feeling of Portland pride overcomes you when you see the locals section. Finally, you see a picture on the wall. It's the store owner, Claes Almroth, with his band. There's something comforting about shopping at a record store owned by a musician.

What's on the Shelves
The roots of American music for the last 50 years, cultish new releases and indie-label music.

What to Skip
Anything Top 40. You can go to Fred Meyer for that stuff.
Fran Gray

One of Portland's Best
Nominated for best independent record store for its love of rarities and bygone decades.

Jackpot Records
Owned by the Alex Trebek of musical knowledge.

3736 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214-5146
Phone: (503) 239-7561

Store Profile

What to Expect
This isn't your average indie store. The love and appreciation of music in owner Isaac Slusarenko's genes—his brothers have formed two successful bands, Sprinkler and Svelt—shines through in this store.

What's on the Shelves
The store houses an amazing selection of music from every era. You probably won't find the latest Ricky Martin single here, but you will find lots of local music, reggae and ska, and tons of collectible vinyl. For those looking to relive their garage-jamming youth, Jackpot also offers a particularly complete collection of garage-psych music.

More Than Just a Record Store
Need to know the year a particular album was released? Can't think of the title of a certain tune? At Jackpot Records, you can find answers to your most nagging musical queries. If Slusarenko himself is stumped (a rare occurrence, considering his musical knowledge), turn to one of Jackpot's many research books for help.
Jennifer Boyd

One of Portland's Best
Nominated for best independent record store for its devoted, hands-on owner and its killer collectibles.

Ozone (Moved now to the corner of 7th and SE Burnside
Behind the dark door and sticker-plastered windows lies a treasure chest for punks and goths alike.

7th Ave & SE Burnside, Portland, OR
Phone: (503) 227-1975

Store Profile

What to Expect
Try not to let Ozone's dark storefront fool you; the folks inside welcome your business. Approach the door with confidence, knowing that a wide selection of hard-to-find alternative and indie CDs (punk, ska, goth, rave) awaits on the other side. Don't expect to find a bright and bubbly atmosphere, however—Ozone's ambience is dim and moody.

The Goods
Along with CDs, Ozone stocks alternative patches, T-shirts, apparel, posters and lots of other items. The price of new domestic CDs is generally $14.99 or less, with imports starting at $18.99. You can also hock your used CDs here; the going rate is $4 cash ($5 in trade) for an in-demand, unscratched disc.

Live Music
Ozone has also been known to host occasional in-store performances. Past guests have included Henry Rollins, Thurston Moore and Kristin Hersh.
Dan Fazio

One of Portland's Best
Nominated for best independent record store for its awesome alternative/indie selection and love of the dark side.

Music Millennium
Quality recorded and live music under one roof since 1969.

801 NW 23rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97210-3003
Phone: (503) 248-0163
Schedule of Events

09/30 to 12/31 Free Live Performances at Music Millennium
No cover is the best price of all, wouldn't you say?

Store Profile

What to Expect
Music is a universal language, so it's great to have a store like Music Millennium, which carries a respectable collection of foreign recordings in addition to its mass of popular music. The classical section, which is actually a store in its own right, offers an amazing selection. If you're shopping for a gift and feel overwhelmed, you may want to play it safe and get a gift certificate. Otherwise, you could spend days here—which isn't a bad thing.

The Big Book
Music Millennium is known for its good-sized collections of almost all kinds of music. If the store doesn't carry it, an employee can go to the "Big Book" and find out if it can be ordered for you. Just think: That CD you've been yearning for ever since your kid brother lost the original copy umpteen years ago could potentially be replaced.

More Than Just a Record Store
Music Millennium is also known around town for its free in-store performances by well-known artists. Musicians from Joe Strummer to Patti Smith to Sunny Day Real Estate have graced the store's stage.
Lisa Morrison

One of Portland's Best
Nominated for best independent record store and best place to hear live music, for its comprehensive selection and live in-store performances.

Everyday Music
You can shop for music here 15 hours a day, 365 days a year.

1313 W Burnside St
Portland, OR 97209-2628
Phone: (503) 274-0961

Store Profile
What to Expect
If you're still trying to get New Kids off your hands before anybody finds out you used to listen to them, check out Everyday Music. New CDs are also available, along with vinyl, cassette tapes and posters. And for those who like to listen before they buy, EM offers several stations at which any CD in the store—including new releases—can be sampled.

Buying and Selling
The clerks at EM will make an offer (from 25 cents to $5) on every used CD brought in. Thanks to this unique buying policy, EM has one of the best selections of used CDs in town.

Latest Addition
The latest addition to EM is the recent opening of its Jazz and Classical store, right next door. With a selection as deep as EM's, no wonder more square footage was needed. And if you love those old classic jazz posters of Miles, Coltrane or Monk, this is the place.
Dan Fazio

One of Portland's Best
Nominated for best independent record store for its unbelievable hours and basement prices.


PDX music stores INC -
1516 NW Thurman St., Portland OR (503)944-3600

Blockbuster Video
2055 NE Burnside Street, Gresham OR (503) 661-1100

Borders Books and Music
708 SW 3rd Ave, Portland OR (503) 220-5911 or (503) 221-9811

Everyday Music -
1313 W Burnside St, Portland OR (503) 274-0961

Ground Kontrol -
610 SW 12th Ave, Portland OR (503) 796-9364

Hollywood Entertainment Corp
9275 SW Peyton Lane, Wilsonville OR (503)570-1600

Kanstul Music Northwest INC
4643 NE 35th Ave., Portland OR (503)288-7278

Moyer's 1st Stop Video
2341 NW 185th Avenue, Hillsboro OR (503) 629-5191

Music Millennium
3158 E Burnside St, Portland OR (503) 231-8926

Stereotypes -
2627 NE Broadway St., Portland OR (503)280-0910
fax 503.284.2662

250 SW 1st Avenue, Canby OR (503) 263-2217


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