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Author Topic: "rivethead" (defined)
Jett Black
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"rivethead" (defined)

A friend of mine living in the UK inquires for a definition of "rivethead"!

Wow! So, there are a few people who have yet to have any familiarity with this term, afterall?!?!

For a laugh, and please understand that this commentary is entirely tongue and cheek, please continue reading below the ground level dotted line painted a few centimeters beyond this sentence.


"rivethead" (defined)

Webster's book of gothic and industrial terminology...
(there *should* be one, don't you think?)

Rivethead (noun): 1. The anterior section of a rivet often the only visible portion of a rivet once the rivet has been completely driven flush into any object. 2. One who prefers Industrial-style music over that of any other style. Often such a person will exhibit psychologically compulsive/obssessive behaviours in public and private settings to the great annoyance of observers, and even those attempting to ignore such persons and their irritating patterns of conversation and egocentricities. Such persons are known to also express snide commentaries disparaging of anyone exhibiting any interest, no matter how slight, in industrial-styles of music and/or in any music cultural trademarks associated with industrial styles.

The above commentary reflects the abridged definition condensed for casual reading. For a more complete and comprehensive study of of rivetheads and industrial styles of music, please reference Which is aptly administrated by a fellow known primarily as "moron"


Actually, "many of my best friends are rivetheads!"


Happy Holidays, Silver!!


Jett Black

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