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Author Topic: SUMMER PLANS??
Jett Black
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The year is half over already....

and the summer is just beginning to heat up (literally).

What is on YOUR agenda?

I keep wondering if there's some way ... ANY way that I can get away to the DARK ARTS FEST which begins in just one week, I believe...

Sonya and I have plans to attend some bloody awful office sponsored event (her office, of course) during the last weekend of this month, I believe... we'll survive. I'm not so sure about the co-workers.

I feel a Fred & George Weasley experience coming on now...

Where does one buy Ton Tongue Toffee candies when one needs them?

And how about those Canary Creams and exploding card decks, or the wands that turn into chickens?

Speaking of Hogwarts and all that rot.

Does anyone have any ideas about a local reading circle?

I would really love to be involved in reading stories to young people and the young at heart and I believe it would be loads of fun with more readers involved as well... such as having different voices available for different characters of entertaining tales and really bringing the stories to life.

I would love to partner up with any Portland local bookstore interested in such a concept and then collect a few eager souls to organise a lively reading circle.

Of course, I believe that the Harry Potter series would be most popular right now... and most suitable for developing interest and energy in the local community... after a while, though I'd like to dive into the classics like Lord of The Rings... and really varieties of shorter stories for more genre specific readers... like southern gothic and perhaps random favourites like Poe and Sexton, and Plath and..... well I mean there could be a group that takes an interest in the readings of the darker stuff... maybe for more mature audiences... and perhaps that would be for folks like us and maybe in obscure bars or at a party once in a while...

There's the Gothic Order, yes? Is that still in formation? or has it come together already?

I would think that the Portland local Gothic Order would be interested in advancing the darker literary arts and poetry and so forth into the local community...

It's not so much a sinister project really as it may seem... just a means of finding more enrichment and sharing what we love and grew up with... and for me it reflects all that I've mentioned and so much more... perhaps for you that list would include many other works that people like myself and others would love to hear and perhaps obtain copies of for ourselves...

I believe that keeping an idea alive is a matter of some responsibility and oral history and events even as small as a reeading circle can breathe new life into a community and enrich the experiences of those who contribute and consume the experiences shared.

I hope that you will have some suggestions as I still feel a bit new here and don't really know how to begin going about setting up a reading circle ... I'm not quite as familiar with the book stores in Portland as someone who might live closer to them. (I live in Vancouver, WA by the way.)

I wonder actually if anyone here might know someone in any of the Portland book stores... know who I should contact?

(Someone mentioned to me that with the coming of the New Harry potter book that read that one might be exciting.)

As to reading fresh on-the-shelf books...

I'd much rather read books with which I am somewhat familiar...

the idea of reading a brand new book in an interactive setting smacks much like the idea of getting on stage and singing a song to which one does not already know the words...

Not my idea of entertainement.

I've read through the Harry Potter Books ALOUD at least twice each now... and The Hobbit more times than I can recall... and other books as well.

I want for the reader(s) the storytellers in the circle, to be familiar with the story and the character(s) they portray through the reading as yes, it is like becoming the character ... animated enough in the reading to be entertaining...

It's easy once one is familiar with the main characters and the story.. Like Harry and Hermoine and Ron... who never really change in personality and speaking style throughout the entire series thus far.

I read all the parts as I read the entire book aloud.. and I really would rather not read ALL the parts. It's a bit difficult to maintain interest and character when one is switching so quickly in multi-person conversations of dialogues...

It's fine and all, and I can read like that, but it would be easier with a bit of help from one or two or even five others who are into it.. and far more entertaining... Sonya, who says that she loves listening to me read... well, she falls asleep rather too quickly....

The story is quite lively and perhaps told by a few lively and interested readers to an audience that is not so likely to begin snoring this could really become a rather entertaining event.

B&N or Powell's or anywhere with a coffee shop in-house would be great as they would love the increase in business and I would love to read to more alert listeners.

Sonya is really quite the doll.. yet she has to try and rest up for the next horrible day of humiliation and drudgery at the DJC.

Thie story moves along at such a fast pace.

Both myself and any gathered listeners really need that pace in order for the story to remain entertaining... With at least 2-3 readers, it would become a living story.

And I could go on this way with any story with which I might already be familiar and others for which I might prepare.

Peter Pan comes to mind as a delightful story... Treasure Island, maybe...

The world is filled with wonderful stories and I wonder how we are getting on as a people now with all this focus on internet life and computers... ?

I know that I spend the greater part of my existence now at the computer and I want to get away and read ... actively read aloud and to exchange with the audience the story in a lively manner...

I can't bear to think of wasting time just reading in solitude when I could be here at the computer or interacting with others for those or for some other purpose... I need this alternative to the status quo as much as I believe all of us need stories and oral history and the sharing of these fanciful ideals and ideas in order to value what it means to have these things and grow as individuals.

I feel that what we believe in and value in life as ideals and concepts and dreams may slip in the NEVER ENDING STORY into the great oblivion of the Nothing as all becomes lost and forgotten due to the neglect of storytelling.

Disney has long since dropped the ball, and nothing else seems to maintain the integrity of creative expression and social development quite like the sharing of stories with moral principles woven in creatively that we know burst forth into the minds of those who experience the stories through the telling.

It's amazing... and it's vital... like looking at one another and knowing that something is being shared and understood and sometimes discussed and obviously appreciated gthrough the winks and smiles and conversations that unfold.

Sonya tells me that well over 1 million copies have already been reserved with full payments via for the next Harry Potter book, the 5th of what appears will be 7 all-told in the series.

I believe that in the 4th book, the author is foreshadowing that perhaps Harry Potter may become an Auror once he graduates from Hogwarts. And perhaps that means that he will also venture on to the Minsitry of Magic, where Percy is now along with Ludo Bagman and Arthur Weasley, among various others.

It seems plausible that the Harry Potter series may not end with the 7th book in this series, but rather continue on at length for those millions who have become die-hard fans of Harry Potter at Hogwarts, a school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Anne Rice has taken a Hiatus and yet fans anticipate her return en force. She has continued with the Vampire chronicles long after one might have expected a resolute conclusion, or a resignation to eternal mystery.

Poppy Z. Brite has sold the rights to one of her books for the purposes of feature film presentation.... and there's no end in sight to the blazing trail of fascination for all that is gothic and wiccan and wrapped in sorcery and the secrets of the Dark Arts.

As the world spins on ever faster toward the end of the Mayan calendar, the eyes and ears and hearts of the world populus years for more explication of mystery into the unknown.

Somehow, there does not seem to be a great deal of fear in all of this, but rather great expectations and hope for changes that may be revealed.

In all of this stories and fantastic tales become the light of entertainment shining between us all in what remains as otherwise complete darkness.

Eager to begin unfolding more stories now,

Jett Black -

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