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Author Topic: Wave Gotik Treffen survey responses
Jett Black
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From: gemma
Date: Wed Jun 11, 2003 8:28am
Subject: Re: [ShadowDiva] Wave Gotik Treffen

> First tell us WHICH YEAR did you attend?


> I'd personally like to hear about what the vending is like at WGT?
> Who showed up to sell things?

Out Of Line, Tritron, and the Hands Production labels were the only label booths.
There was an independant store that carried the Black Rain musicians.

> what abou magazines that had any sort of presence and distribution
> to people who attended WGT?

Zillo, Sonic Seducer and Gothic each had massive booths

> Do they have official Goodie Bags?

No. It was a festival setup rather than a trade show; so there was hardly any free
stuff. Out Of Line was wonderful in that with each purchase they gave out a promo
cd 'taste the machines' with non-full versions of new stuff by Haujobb, Faith and
the Muse, Celphagy, Snow in China and ChombiChrist (the new project of Andy from
Icon of Coil)

> whether Official or not.. swere you able to walk away with tons of
> promo items and tons of other kewl stuff that you found available
> for purchase?

Promo, no. Other kewl stuff, YES. I should have gotten a credit card without a
cash advance limit and just dealt with the debt for the rest of my life instead of
spending only within my means.

> Is it like what we've seen with Woodstock here in america?
> like how people end up in slime and mud and human waste?

Oh GOD and mess up my outfit????? or maybe ruin my MakeUp?? HELL NO. It was
amazing, even when the biggest names were performing there was still space between
the audience members (less space the further you got toward the front of course)

> or is it like orderly and organised, and if so, how is it organised?

> I hear that it's sometimes spread around a bit but I'm confused..
> is it like CMJ where there's a bunch of music venues participating
> in the event and peopl ego from one to the next?
> or is it all outdoors?
> some of it indoors/some outdoors?

There are different venues where different bands are performing, some inside, some
outside. People can go from one to the next depending upon who they want to see,
although you have to work within the time constraints. This year everyone had a
wrist band which was clamped onto your wrist with an aluminum clasp (which was
unremovable.) So before you got into each venue you'd get patted down and they
would check to see if you had a wrist-band.

> Do most people camp out? Are the hotels overcrowded?

There is a large percentage of people who camp out, and financially it makes more
sense to do so. If I go again I will definately be camping out, because the best
events happen after midnight, and tram service stops being frequent around 1am. So
if you catch the last performance (usually at midnight) and then go dancing for an
hour, you'll get out around 2, and then you have to use the night service which only
runs every 71 minutes, so it could take you until 4 am to get back home.

My hotel was not crowded, and extremly cheap. Interestingly enough Noisex and Lezte
Inztant stayed at the same hotel (2001 and 2002 respectivly)

> How far are the hotels (staggering distance) from the events?

Most of the hotels I saw were in central Leipzig, which is approx. 30 minutes tram
ride north of the festival area. The venues are spread out all over Leipzig, so it
depends upon what venue and what event and what hotel you are asking about. In the
future, I would try to get a hotel as far south as I could (unless I was camping)

> How much did YOU spend on transportation? And how far did you
> travel to get to WGT?

In and around Leipzig, I probably spent 50. A week pass for the trams is only 15,
which provides unlimited usage of them from the date of purchase until the following
monday at 4am. I spent so much because I was lazy and took a taxi home from the
event one night, which ended up costing me 20, but in my condition it was better
than getting home at 4am.

> What do you remember most about the time you spent at WGT?

The T&A, I know it makes me sound like a pig; but never before in my life have I
been able to wake up in the morning and wonder what the breasts I see today will
look like and wether the asses will be lumpy or smooth. =) In other words, the
fashion and the performances, and the music. My god the MUSIC, and the clubs; and
trying to dance in a club.

> What would be your #1 reason for attending another WGT?

The Performance line up, because Germany is sooo beautiful, wonderful and ...
german, the music. people etc.!!

right i've blathered on



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