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Author Topic: Entertainers: Sell Your Self!
Jett Black
Helping Musicians Help Themselves!
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Marketing. Everyday.

"Think global. Act Local."

Fortune 500 companies dump 85% or more of their profits back into marketing and advertisements every year... Becoming and remaining a household name requires it. Advancing to more and more new customers requires more and more marketing.

Live performance and marketing of new music is no different.

Once people have bought the cd and the tee shirt, and seen your live show... that's it.

Those fans might return again... depending on how interactive and engaging your stage presence and off-stage presence... but they may become saturated quickly. Passing a disposable camera around the audience will make them at least want to get on your mailing list to find out when you've uploaded images to your website. And then they may be compelled to come to your next show and bring more friends o soak in the opportunities for fame and the live music experience itself.

You must continue to reach more and more new local pople. Develop more new ways to attract their attention, get more free and paid publicity. Invest your self, your name, your band, and every drop of blood that you can spare into involvements with the local community in as many different ways as possible in order to become visible and perhaps known to more and more local people of different descriptions.

Just for example... in an area with one million people, if you are getting less than 100 people to every show... perhaps you could be doing much more to reach more of the people in the community?

It's tough out there, and you must be relentless everyday to meet new people, shake hands and smile at people who are passing by you on the street and in stores when you are out shopping alone or with friends. In bars carousing ... meet new people. Walk up to people, introduce yourself, "Hi, my name is Philip. I'm a local music entertainer. What do you do?"

Have a stack of business cards in your pocket at all times. Have a street team kid follow you around with a stack of demos, or keep a back pack or a coat pocket deep enough to hold a small stack of demo cds inside their cd envelopes.

Have something in hand to hand off that includes your contact information, website, and the briefly detailed flyer for your next local performance. 2-3 minutes and you're moving on through the crowds to the next person. You do this 20+ times per hour for 2-3 hours and then you're distributing at least 50 demos in those 3 hours, plus a business card and flyer for every person you meet.

You then you go back to your car and re-stock. Grab something refreshing to drink, munch on a candy bar, or whatever, and move on to the next part of town, or the next gathering of people. Or go to the next live gig, the next bar, the next picnic, or BBQ, the next convention or conference... and you keep it going.

Once or twice a week, you hit Kinkos, or the copier next to your office desk and you photocopy flyers and any designs you've created for promotion of your demos, etc. and You stiock up as affordably ass possible.

Save beer money and put most of that instead toward printing business cards... or order free business cards from or any other free service.

For the costs of postage and handling you can 250 or 500 business cards every week. FREE Search for MORE cool deals like that using Stay informed. Listen to local news and pick up a newspaper now and then. Have something tpo talk about as you meet with people and creatively tie conversations into music or promotions, or business in anyway that allows you to bring the subject back around to what you are doing.

Sell yourself. Meet with people and sell yourself. they don't know what you're doing. And unless you sell yourself, they won't care about what you're doing. They want to care, but they depend upon YOU to make that happen. People want so badly to care about something. They want something to believe in. Entertainment helps take them there. you can be that entertainer, that leader of willing people of all ages that helps them to believe that there just might be something in this world worth caring about... They want to listen to you, and they want you to tell them about soemthing that really matters to you. So, stay informed and develop interests in topics that may be discussed, even debated... always keeping in mind that you need to bring the discussion around to what you are doing... maybe you are trying to make a difference in the world... one person, one performance at a time... People want to believe in this and they want to believe in you... so, get out there and make it happen.

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