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Author Topic: Film & Music Videos
Jett Black
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New York Rifles said:
> Yes! I saw that you had included us in your mass email about the
> schedule. I hope you can make it. We've got the local cable show,
> PDXposed, filming us for a feature, and our friend is also going to be
> taping so's we can make our very own music video. Whoo-hoo!

That's cool! Please keep me or all of us posted on the developments with the music video. Will you be running it through your website for download?

Last Sunday, I attended Are You Listening Studios

with the band Pillars of Nein - - for their scheduled DVD music video recording session. about 10 hours and three songs ... six hours was all SET UP before the first note, the first take... it might not take that long for other bands... What was involved here was removing everything from one side of the large studio to the side behind the camera and then setting up the then blank side with what was needed for the video shoot in the manner desired and needed by both the band leader, Chuck Nein, and the director... who's name slips my mind. Simon at Are You Listening studios would know the name and contact info for the dvd video director. anyway... so that and wireing and we hung long black velvet banners, which I use for table covers at the merch table during the shows, but there's 4 of them and so they come in handy for other things besides table toppers... anyway... very long and so hanging they look like cool black banners and so we stapled them to the wood areas of beams that were all themselves evenly spaced... so that worked out nicely.

Carpeted and skirted some plywood risers and set everything up... took down, did it all over again.. going for that perfect balance, perfect set up... etc.

and so anyway... six hours later... ready to go. so the three songs to shoot actually took about an hour each and then tear down, etc.

the shoots were done with three professional video cameras and from three different levels... both with a track to semi-circulate around the band and also without the track (simultaneously in the opposite direction... like ships passing in the night) and then there was a 50 foot high ladder (guessing) and so that pulpit angle was also used.

fans fog, and really intense strobe lights, exactly the kind that NIN uses on stage. 4 huge mega strobes.

The price tag on this is $1000 through this studio... though I bet there's room for negotiation. I believe that this comes with 1000 copies of the dvd... i'm not sure about that, but I do know that Chuck promises me that we will have 1000 copies of the dvd in about 3-4 weeks. Editing is a 3 week turn-around, he says.

I believe that this could be done by collegve students seeking to complete their graduation requirements for about 2/3 less than what Chuck is paying. Tim Sweeney has done this numerous times before the dvd invasion and many of his music videos for his clients have ended up airing on MTV. He may have paid between $500 and $1000 in each case, but that was before dvd. I have friends who have paid $5000 for quality video shoots, and that was before dvd and that was with other friends donating their labour costs. Normally those shoots would have cost $15000 or more.

So Tim Sweeney has got it going on.

Chuck jumped on this opportunity with the dvd the first chance he got. He didn't consult with me on this before scheduling the time. I am glad he's got the money to pay for it and that it's done and out of the way, but I have a feeling that if we had looked into it, we could have received the very same quality from a college/university music and video dept student needing to do their practicum with the local community... the very same scenario that Tim Sweeney has done many times in the LA area. Now, he also has the benefit of having many film schools to pull from in the LA area.. but I have no doubts that film and music video are aspects of education in this area as well for some students and they must do a practicum with the local communityin order to graduate.

anyway.. good luck on your video that's tonight, isn't it?

I'd recommend to you that soon, you look into advancing the quality of the video production ... upgarde to studio time for the video shoot... and put one or both the live and the studio video onto a dvd and make that available to music festival promotors around the country, and to film and television music producers ( and to record labels and to top notch music magazines, and send it to places like MotherWest (NYC) that can shop your music around to film and television producers for you. or get the directory and do it yourself

It'd be a really nice subsidy for anything else you need to do if one or more companies licensed one or more of your songs.. You could then finance more recordings, more local touring, gear upgrades, more merchadise to sell, and maybe just more time away from the day job and more time in the studio or in songwriting, or promotion to the internet or to music magazines... getting songs licensed can free up some time and that can happen through the distro of your music video (High Quality) to music and film industry promotors and producers.

Not just a cut above... HQ video sets you at the top of the stack of 3000+ music submissions received annually.

the bottom of the stack is rather choked for survival.

Get to the top and breathe deeply.

Jett Black



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