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Author Topic: FREE MUSIC in the Mail for Reviews & Airplay.
Jett Black
Helping Musicians Help Themselves!
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Icon 2 posted 08 September 2003 01:49 AM      Profile for Jett Black   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
New music promo mailings set to commence in approximately 4 weeks' time.

Various artists, and cd titles.

What I need from YOU:

DETAILED Description of...

What you do with new music
Where you do it
How your efforts are distributed
All contact info for the source.

Please Including:

FULL POSTAL mailing information.
Applicable weblinks.
Identifying info for the source.
email contact info
phone contact info.

Let me break it down into the two main categories of interest.

Music Reviews and Radio/Internet broadcasts

Music Reviews:

Zine title?
Online? (weblink?)
Print? (weblink?)
Music Editor?
Mailing address?
Email address?
Phone contact??

Also we would be interested in:

numbers... distribution/circulation

Distributed WHERE
store names?
club names?
If not USA, then which countries


Station ID info.
Station Music Director
Station mailing address.
Station website address
Contact Email address

Specialty format information.
When does the program air each week/day/month?
Wattage of the broadcasting tower?
Format of your program?
Streaming over the internet?

Answer any of the above and you're either a DJ or a Music Writer.

or BOTH... right?

We need the above information to help prove that you have the opportunity to provide either or both a music review / airplay for the music.

What we need more than just the evidence of opportunity and means to accomplish the task.. we also need to know that you are in fact motivated to provide music reviews and/or airplay.

If you do not have a place to put your music reviews already, or you're not currently writing with any music magazines, then....

I'd invite you now to send you music reviews to me. Just post them up at my message boards.

Once I see that you've posted 4-5 music reviews, I'll collect them all and submit them to thru a new email address that I can provide to you from my domain. This will help keep things organised and begin your shiney new accomplishments as a music writer associated with NocturnalMovements, which places music reviews of independent music cds as written by new music writers.

We are always in need of new music writers to help cover the vast amounts of music cds pouring in from every genre of the music industry.

DJ's are strongly encouraged to apply their knowledge and skills to the reviewing of new music... for several reasons:

#1 - good djs know how to transition from one song to the next.

That means that they must know more about the each song that they spin than just the song title and musical description. The dj must really know every aspect of how the song feels at different points... particularly the beginning and endings, intros and outtros.. and that means that such attention to detail, as well as bpm... make a good dj also an excellent music reviewer. Many music writers are current djs.

#2 Writing music reviews also allows a dj to become more well-known for their productivity beyond simply spinning music that a few people may have heard at that time and even fewer will make any effort to inquire about. Writing music reviews provides more validity to the rationale to mail out a music promo in the first place.

Music reviewers are the most likely candidtaes to receive new music for review.. (duh!) Dj's can increase their music promo servicing by writing music reviews for those cds which actually make it into their playlists.

An equally important service that many djs will also provide...

include weblinks to the music websites for new and independent music cds that appear in your playlists.

The primary purpose for providing music at no cost to the recipient is to compel that person to draw attention to the music and to the website associated with that music so that more and more people will find their paths leading back to the music artists who sent to you the music. And, so, on your recommendations, people discover new music... IF you tell them where to find it... Give the people to whom you send your music playlists links for the new music artists and indie labels appearing in your playlists each week/month.

Okay... so that's all for today!

Please send me you Mailing address.

Send by Private message,
or by email to:

and please post your music reviews of any new music cds at:

my message boards:

You may also post your music playlists there, too!

Music submissions...

Please send at least 2 copies of each cd title - to:
P.O. Box 5583
Vancouver,WA 98668


Jett Black - 360.513.9121

Check out my message boards:

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Contact Jett Black for complete details.


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