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Author Topic: [RANT] My TARGET store experience
Jett Black
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Subject: My TARGET store experience
(as communicated via interface)

[RANT]/Comments: Please refer also to my telephone call (today: 20 JULY 2005) to Target Guest Services as that conversation (which I was informed, upon inquiry, has been recorded and monitored) will reveal more details than I will include in this e-mail. Afterall, this incident has already taken up two hours of my day, and I won't plan on spending that much time here and now to repeat it all, yet again.

How many times have I told this story today?

Once to the customer service rep, or TRAINER, "Cindi" (TM# 4697) and prior to that, more briefly, in response to the insulting/rude commentary received from TM# 3584 (I didn't get her name. She kept turning away from me, ignoring my feedback.. Feedback she had specifically requested, however in that same drone-like manner that another employee had delivered while I was waiting to file a complaint with "Cindi" (TM# 4697).

and then to my girlfriend who called to see how I was doing and how my day had been going.

Next, I plan on sharing these details with my readers.

I am a publicist, a journalist, a writer (in general), a merchandiser, a street team organiser, trainer, and supervisor, a mentor for other writers, a music editor, a consultant for independent musicians, an online marketing agent, a consultant to event promotors, a deejay of independent music CDs, a local neighborhood community activist, a "family man", and an employee in the guest services and entertainment services, and also the food services industries.

I wear many hats. I interact with people all day long, each and every day.

I'm also a college graduate with a degree in Human development and Family Studies. I graduated from the college of Human Sciences, one of many colleges housed at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.

If I were a 12 year old child, or a mother of three, or a waste management worker... it would (or at least should) make no difference.

Customer service, satisfactory communication skills demonstrated by employees paid in part or in full by the contributions I make to your company in terms of cash and credit exchanged for goods purchasedc from this store:

T 1444 / R 200 (SE Mill Plain RD & 162 Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98684

... should never be negligent, found wanting, unsatisfactory, and certainly should NOT be characterised as insulting, rude, confrontational, et cetera, et cetera.

This is NOT my first complaint about the communication experiences that i have endured while shopping at your store.

This time, though, I decided that I would seek a refund prior to leaving the store. This time, the last time that i will ever patronise a TARGET store (anywhere), I did not allow Target to keep the money I had spent during the transactions made while being insulted, ignored, and criticised by your staff.

As the phone call made to Target Guest Services earlier today indicates, I had stopped into Target as a matter of convenience only... on my way home. Alternate routes would have certainly led me in the direction of other stores equally stocked with the items I had purchased from Target's "market center" today...

Suave conditioner, Jif peanut butter, Post cereal, and a package of Millstone coffee.

Most of the items purchased attracted my attention because they were on sale.

Only one of those items reflects what I had come into the store to purchase.

Another item that I had come into the store to purchase is Honey. I found no honey containers available for purchase at the Target store location in SE Vancouver, WA.

So... what happened?

Do you really want to know?

I wonder if you do because it took about 20 minutes before I gave up trying to find the words" E-mail us!" or anything like it (other than "contact us") here on your website.

Naturally, I clicked through the "contact us" option, but then found no indication as to how I should proceed if I actually wanted to continue with the effort of trying to contact you.

Nothing on the "contact us" page or pages refers to "e-mail" or "contact information", or "report your store experience", or ANYTHING remotely resembling those concepts.

therefore, without any indicators as to how to proceed, I began flipping back and forth, this way and that through the website desperately trying to locate a means of actually communicating by means of the website!

That "experience" implies that Target corporation is not interested in feedback from customers, and would rather not receive any feedback from customers.

Who puts food on your table?

Who puts gas in your automobiles?

Who pays utility bills for Target store locations?

Are you waiting for me to fill in the blanks?

Why did "TEAM member" #3584 neglect to apologise or even utter a single word when I informed her at the end of our transaction that, "It's not a good idea to imply that your customers are stupid."


Why did "TEAM" member #4697 aka Trainer "Cindi" (during our conversations about customer service and the incident with "TEAM" member #3584) never once apologise for the rudeness, inconvenience, insult, poor communication skills exhibited by her co-worker/or/subordinate "TEAM" member?

Is that what "TEAM" membership is all about at Target?

Ignoring the flaws and faults of fellow staff, stick it to the customer, make the customers feel stupid?

Because while I was waiting to speak with "TEAM" member #4697 aka Trainer "Cindi", she was very rudely informing the customer in line ahead of me that removing the tags (which the customer had brought back to the store with the items that she was returning [in this case, the items may be referred to as "bras"]) was a serious inconvenience, and one which (and I quote) would result in a Target store employee having to "make you go back into the store to find the items and then bring them up here so we don't have to try to figure out which tag goes with which item..." apparently does not fall into the normal job description for a customer service representative.

Basically, "TEAM" member #4697 aka Trainer "Cindi" made the customer ahead of me feel as though she had done something wrong, and that she had made the process of returning items to Target a great inconveneince on the part of the staff who work there.

Perhaps that customer had simply wasted her time by shopping at Target in the first place?

Perhaps that customer had made the mistake of returning items to Target "TEAM" member #4697 aka Trainer "Cindi" (the only customer service representative behind the customer service counter)?

Perhaps that customer had simply behaved in a manner that could only be characterised as "stupid" (as Cindi implied and to which Cindi had verbally agreed, in fact)?

Why do I say that?

Because when Target "TEAM" member #4697 aka Trainer "Cindi" had completed her lengthy explanation about how next time the customer would have to go out into the store to retrieve the items to match up the tags with the tags being returned WITH the items that she was returning (???), then the customer apologised "for having been so stupid".

Naturally, I looked on from the side (not behind) completely appalled that Target "TEAM" member #4697 aka Trainer "Cindi" would nod her head, and verbally re-inforce the customer's self-degradating comment reflecting upon her experience with returning items to Target's customer service desk.


If that customer was treated with such negligence and rudeness by the person to whom I had approached the customer service counter in order to report a similar incident of rudeness by another Target store "TEAM" member, then what really could I anticipate as a further extenuation of that same Target "Store Experience"?

I mean, how much more was I going to endure before i could leave the store feeling satisfied?

When I did leave the store, I was dissatisfied with every aspect of every interaction with any and all Target store Team members.

While I was waiting to speak with Target "TEAM" member #4697 aka Trainer "Cindi", a male "TEAM" member looked directly at me, then asked me "How are you doing?" and then, before I could respond at all, he immediately turned his gaze to Target "TEAM" member #4697 aka Trainer "Cindi" and began to speak over the customer standing in front of me, and over Target "TEAM" member #4697 aka Trainer "Cindi", in order to communicate something to "Cindi"... who, as indicated, was already engaged in a discussion with a customer.

Now, my take on that is that this male employee went out of his way to ignore my response.

Had he not asked, "How are you doing?"

I would have been fine with his silence.

Do your employees feel the need to speak AT customers in order to be perceived as "caring", or "friendly"?

Neglect/failure to maintain eye contact and await a response to a question asked is R-U-D-E! Our social standards underline that very fact.

Basic business and professional communication skills, regardless of how brief or in-depth the training, would most definitely underline the need to maintain eye contact and LISTEN for a response to any inquiry presented.

I pointed out to "Cindi" that his behaviour is a good example of poor communication skills, and that in fact, he does not care at all, and certainly not enough to await a response to his unsolicited inquiry.

He went behind the counter at that point and proceeded to argue his side.

He had not given me the consideration of an audience for his inquiry. I returned the gesture by informing him that this was not a debate. That I had approached the counter, in fact to file a complaint, and that his rude behaviour merely adds to a growing list of other complaints already in development. He then tried to explain his behaviour by both re-enacting and re-telling events to which I was already a party, so i informed him that I neither desired, nor required an explanation for his rude behaviour.

At that point, he finally stopped trying to re-write the history of the past two minutes. He could have simply apologised and allowed me an uninterrupted audience with Target "TEAM" member #4697 aka Trainer "Cindi".

By this point, I can see that "Cindi" is being careful not to speak at all. Only once the interrupting "TEAM" member had withdrawn a few steps from behind the counter did she resume our discussion about the complaint I intended to file.

The only relevant statement that I recall Target "TEAM" member #4697 aka Trainer "Cindi" making to me was that she would "have a talk with" Target Team Member #3584.

Target "TEAM" member #4697 aka Trainer "Cindi" said nothing at all to me about store policy, nothing at all to me about how team members are expected to behave and treat Target store customers... nothing other than that which I have already mentioned, and the provision of the "Guest Comment Card".


Protocol is the only thing that Target store employees seem to reach for, and yet, unless I am mistaken, and as I informed Target "TEAM" member #4697 aka Trainer "Cindi" (reminding her that this was NOT my first complaint about experiences at Target)... "You people just aren't getting it. When I take time out of MY busy day to stop into your Target store location, and make a purchase, thereby supplementing your personal income, I EXPECT a little consideration. I expect you to listen to every word of my response to any inquiry that you may present to me."

that is exactly what I had to say about it at that time.

You see? I remember. Why?

Because I was paying attention.

I might have simply wanted to get on my way earlier while I was digesting and considering the comments made to me by Target "TEAM" member #3584, but believe me, at this point, not one aspect of the remaining "store experience" was going to slip my attention.


your "guest comment card" promises, and proclaims that:

"We LISTEN to you." (emphasis NOT added by me)


Would you say then that your TEAM members demonstrate that promise/proclamation?

Because if you tell me that they do, then I know you're lying to me.

This is not my first, not my second, and not my third, but rather my LAST complaint against the customer service communication experiences that I have had within this target store location, reflective of time spent in that store periodically over the past three years.

Every time I have lodged a complaint, I've not received an apology, and I have left the store so dissatisfied that I put off returning to the store for lengthy durations, sometimes as long as a full year.


Apparently, you do NOT listen, after all the complaints I have made about how poorly supervised, poorly trained, and poorly maintained your TEAM members are in regards to communications with customers like me in this SE> Vancouver, WA community.

What do you think that just because Portland, Oregon is with six miles of the SE Vancouver, WA Target store location that SE Vancouver, WA must be a MAJOR city? Maybe a city with foot traffic so severe that common courtesy should be ignored, discarded, refused, and in every way neglected?

Believe it or not, this area reflects a community of individuals, not drones, not sheep, and certainly not mindless consumers who might be lost without the presence of your Target store location.

Your Target store is a corporate blight upon this community of families, real people... wait a minute?

Is any of this making sense?

Or do any of the above mentioned words escape your vernacular?

You do understand cash, right?

You do understand what it means when a customer files a written and verbal complaint, and then requests a refund, and then assures the staff that he's dissatisfied with the behaviour of the staff and that he prefers to continue the complaint process by any other means than continue to endure such deplorable communication skills exhibitions... there or anywhere.... You do understand what ANY (and hopefully ALL) of that means, right?

It means that your store will no longer be support by my income.

It means that you've had three strikes, and plenty more... and that despite the feedback process, your people just are NOT listening, and that NO, they are NOT getting it.

If I'm corresponding with nothing more human than an automated delivery system, by all means, I do hope you will let me know by sending me something in email to confirm that fact. Please, send me something that tells me that your corporation is a heartless, community killer... an entity that invades familial communities and sows the seeds of distrust, dissatisfaction, disservice, and disrespect.

Tell me more about what I already have endured.

Please... own up to your negligence and disrespect.

Be human, after all.

Be more than merely human... take responsibility for the abuses you are serving by the millionth pound to tax-paying citizens and voters, such as myself.

Target store repeatedly providing dissatisfactory service to myself and apparently others in this SE Vancouver, Washington coomunity:

Vancouver East: (360) 449-6420
T 1444 / R 200
SE Mill Plain RD & 162 Avenue,
Vancouver, WA 98684

20 JULY 2005

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