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Author Topic: ALFA-MATRIX music label interview
Jett Black
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Ever gone into your local CD store and found some European import from some “apparently” obscure European record label? Alfa-Matrix, Dependent, Accession, Infacted, Out of Line, Noitekk, Synthetic Symphony, Black Rain, Trisol, Dark Dimensions… they might be in the small print on your Metropolis CD, but actually here in Europe they are the big players in a small scene. Metropolis cherry picks the releases from most of these labels to release and distribute in America/Canada, but you’re actually only getting a small fragment of the bigger picture, a small taste of the delicious electronic musical feast that is available this side of the pond. Being over here in the UK, I thought it would be nice to share with our American and Canadian cousins some of the best labels to look out for. If dark electro is your thing, then what labels should you be looking for in the import section of your local alternative CD store? If futurepop is your bag then what labels cater to your tastes? Also what are the hottest bands on those labels now? Who should you be checking out? You’ll find that out, and much, much more as we interview some of the leaders of those very labels in a series we have decided to call “From Europe with Love.”

The European scene has never lost its underground status. It still sells a relatively small amount of CDs, and the labels involved are still relatively small (anything from one person to seven or eight may be running them.) The profits in this scene are not big; in fact, most labels are happy to break even or make enough profit to pay themselves some wages. It still feels like an extended family – a dysfunctional family for sure, but everyone knows everyone else. It’s a really small world. That said, most of the music you danced to last time you were out at a club in America or Canada came from these shores. Yes, most of the bands that you think Metropolis found were discovered, nurtured, and exported by labels here in Europe and most of those bands are still signed to those same labels here in Europe. Over the next six months, we will be interviewing some of the most influential people on the European scene. People who can make or break a band; people who discovered your favourite bands, be it VNV Nation, Covenant, Icon Of Coil, Apoptygma Berzerk, [:SITD:], Feindflug, Hocico, Grendel, or Assemblage 23; people who are so passionate about this scene that they dedicate most of their lives to producing and promoting new and exciting bands for us to listen to on a Friday night at our local club. These guys and girls are responsible for keeping this scene alive; they decide where we go next and what we will be listening to in the coming months. SickAmongthePure will interview the label heads of the most prominent and influential labels in the European scene – Dependent, Out of Line, Accession, Alfa-Matrix, Infacted, Dark Dimensions, Black Rain, Noitekk. We’ll be giving you the lowdown on each label and the artists on them so that next time you’re in your neighbourhood alternative music store or surfing on the net you can confidently stride into the import section or onto a label website and get the bands that you really want. We start with a label that is relatively new, and yet has had a massive impact on the scene. A Belgian label that is home to Front 242, Aiboforcen, Nebula-H, Sero.Overdose, Virtual Embrace, and American big boys (and girls) – Unter Null, Ayria, and Glis. Alfa-Matrix. Alfa-Matrix, I was surprised to find out, has only been up and running for four years. It’s been going around the same length that I have been DJing, so we’ve grown up together. What Alfa-Matrix is fantastic at is punching above its weight. Alfa-Matrix’s marketing and promotion is second to none. In fact, I’m pretty confident that most of you guys reading this will at least have heard of them. Yet it is still a relatively small label. It is still the three founders who make up the label team, and with over 20 bands on their roster, that is no small workload! Alfa-Matrix shook up the scene when it burst into life four years ago. Its celebrated Cyberlab series of compilations is among the finest compilation CDs you will find on the scene, and it’s got some fine bands on its roster. I managed to pry Sèba Dolimont, Alfa-Matrix’s amiable label manager away from his cramped label offices long enough to grab a Belgian beer or three in a local bar. In the next hour Sèba was to delight me with his openness and honesty in this revealing interview, if you ever wondered what made a record label tick… read this interview.

(This has been ONLY an introduction!)

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